What is LocalBibleInstitute.com? 
            LBI is a collection of sermons\lectures preached at local churches of like minded faith.  The series of messages on certain subjects, are then organized in to class form whereby the student will listen or watch the class, complete quizzes on the subject matter, write small essays, and then complete a final all at their own pace and online.  Each class will vary in length depending on the number of sermons\lectures presented.  Each class is free to the student to take. Once completed the student can select another class.  The student would receive a certificate of completion, for each class.  They may also receive a free Bible, upon completion of a certain amount of classe(s). 

Who are the speakers\teachers?

            Each class is taught by a local Independent Baptist pastor.  They have taught this series of messages in their church, and made it available to LBI. They all have the statement of faith in common, and use the King James Version of the Bible. 

Is LocalBibleInstitute.com accredited?

            We are not accredited in with any college or university organization or any accrediting agency.  LBI will not seek to be accredited.  Our purpose is to supplement local church people, the general public, and those seeking more knowledge of Christ, with a personal, at home, zero cost method of studying God’s Word.  A student may take one or all classes specificly for the purpose of gaining more knowledge of the Bible.  Some classes may be transferrable to other academic programs, but that is for the receiving organization to decide.  We will work with them to provide information as necessary. 

Who is LocalBibleInstitute.com?
            LBI is a ministry of Point Baptist Church and other like-minded pastors around the USA.  LBI facilitates and manages the class structure, class content, grading, with a local presence strengthened by the pastors who are geographically closest to students should personal interaction be necessary. 

Will I be contacted in person, or be required to meet somebody in person?

            LBI will contact you by telephone initially once you have registered for your first class. The purpose here is to welcome you to LBI and to answerer any questions you might have about next steps, etc. At that point you will be contacted by email, after each class to let you know of grading or additional information.   You may receive a call from a local pastor, to check in to assist with any course work, or as follow-up to a class.   You are not required to meet in person any time, unless you desire it.  The LBI class offerings are entirely online, and require no outside\off-line involvement.   The purpose of the local pastors is be a resource to you, if you so desire. 

How can LocalBibleInstitute.com be accessed.? Is it available on multiple devices?

You may access LocalBibleInstitute via any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer on any internet enabled device. You may also access via Apple or Android apps at https://download.moodle.org/mobile

Once downloaded enter the following to connect: http://localbibleinternet.com/classes